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Incite Solutions is a software development and information management firm that has been supplying clients with technology-based solutions since 1992.  We began by building complex trust applications for large financial institutions and providing value added management consulting to trust, custody, and investment management organizations.  Our services grew to include custom development work for a range of corporate clients, including for example, an airline reservations system, government regulation compliance software, and an investment asset allocation application.

Over time, it became clear to us that there was a gap in the market for providing technology solutions to smaller businesses in a variety of industries.   Therefore, we expanded our focus to include the needs of smaller businesses, service firms, and non-profits, and added web design and development services.   Today, not only Fortune 500 companies, but also a growing number of diverse, smaller, well-respected firms and nonprofits are utilizing our applications and services. We are especially committed to meeting the unmet technology needs for nonprofits in Wilmington.

As a result, we are able to offer sophisticated development skills, a wide range of products and services, experience, and business savvy to our clients, both big and small.   We provide technology solutions that are among the best available anywhere.

We are friendly and easy to deal with.   And we speak in every day language, not computer jargon.   We look forward to discussing how we can help make your organization easier to manage... and more successful!

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